My feet, especially the soles and certain toes, had slowly been getting more painful as the months went by. I purchased new, expensive shoes which helped somewhat but still if I spent any length of time on my feet they became so painful I would have to elevate and ice them to get relief. One of my favorite activities was going on long walks on my days off, but as my feet became more sore I had shortened the distance of my walks or didn’t even go. I was not sure that orthotics would be a total success but if it helped reduce the pain somewhat I would be happy.

After meeting with Maggie who assessed my feet I became more hopeful that this would indeed help. What I recognized after having the orthotics for only a short period was how life altering it was. The pain was reduced to the point where I was able to just about resume previous activity levels. By wearing my orthotics continually for the first two months the pain was gone. … Now, just about four months later, I am again walking long distances with no painful after effects. Thanks Maggie!