The BTE Multi Cervical Unit

The BTE Multi Cervical Unit

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“Any patient suffering a soft tissue injury, requires strengthening exercises to complete their rehab, the neck is no different.”

The BTE Multi-Cervical Unit (MCU) is the most effective and complete system for the assessment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from chronic neck pain. It has been accepted worldwide as ‘The Missing Link in Neck Rehabilitation’.

Research has shown the MCU to be successful in reducing pain for people with generalized neck pain, whiplash associated disorders (WAD) , cervical disc disease, neck strains, repetitive work related injuries, arthritis and tension headaches.

The MCU is an evidence based tool which objectively evaluates cervical active range of motion (ROM) and isotonic strength in multiple different positions. These measurements are used to create an individualized dynamic strength program that is performed on the machine with guidance.

At Bridge Physiotherapy we recommend a combination of manual therapy and supervised exercise therapy, as studies show this method to be more effective than manual therapy or exercise therapy alone. 

What is Whiplash?

The term whiplash is commonly used to describe any injury to the neck that occurs when the head is whipped forwards and backwards, such as in a motor vehicle accident. This leads to an injury to the bony or soft tissues in the neck and upper back. There are many other causes such as sporting injuries or blows to the head.

Following the injury, you may experience neck pain, headaches, dizziness, difficulty sleeping, or a feeling that your head is too heavy and needs to be supported.

Because of the pain, people stop using their neck muscles properly and they weaken over time. Eventually, the neck muscles can become so deconditioned that they are no longer able to support the weight of the head. If you are experiencing this “heavy head” sensation then you are probably an excellent candidate for rehabilitation on the MCU.

How does the Multi-Cervical Unit identify the problem?

The assessment usually involves 2 one hour sessions with a qualified physiotherapist. The assessment involves completing a full history and physical examination, evaluating the impact the injury is having on your Activities of Daily Living, then measuring your neck range of motion and strength. These measurements are then compared to “normal” values so a customized treatment program can be developed.

How does the treatment work?

Each treatment program is specifically designed according to the results of your assessment. The core of the program generally involves 3 x 30 minute strengthening sessions per week on the MCU. You will be re-assessed after each three-week phase to measure your progress. Other treatments may be prescribed as required. The average treatment phase is 6 – 9 weeks, depending upon the nature of the problem.

If you would like any further information on how the Multi-Cervical Unit and/or other treatments at Bridge Physiotherapy can help you, Call Bridge Physiotherapy/Pure Body Balance at 250.591.1945

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